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MCS was established to provide help to the MCS-disabled community through the following consultation services:

MCS bases its services on 20 years’ experience working with agencies, attorneys, doctors, and hundreds of MCS patients.


The MCS Advocacy Fund has dissolved its 501c3 status and is currently in transition to its new domain name, MCS We hope that our efforts to re-route Internet inquiries during this transitional time have resulted in your accessing us easily.

Although contributions are no longer tax-deductible, everyone desiring to contribute money to the MCS-needy can be assured that funds received will be disbursed according to the same stringent criteria that were in effect under the guidelines of the former MCS Advocacy Fund.

Further changes include the addition of MCS-specific educational materials and products available for purchase and the restructuring of the guidelines for providing written and verbal information for those requesting help.


E-mail the MCS Director

While MCS fully understands the frustration, panic, and desperation which can accompany MCS and its lifestyle changes, we also recognize that these emotions CAN be mitigated as MCSers work towards improvement and a more stable daily existence. Therefore, we do require all communication to be civil and respectful and telephone appointments to be kept punctually. If you are currently incapable of acceptable behavior, please have an advocate contact us on your behalf.

Depending on the amount and type of work provided on your behalf, a charge might be assessed. This will not be arbitrary and will be discussed and confirmed in writing prior to the execution of the work.

MCS does not dispense medical advice; therefore, the information on this site should not be interpreted as such.  This is an informational site which includes facts and opinions from published and original sources.