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February/March have seen no improvement in MCS-discriminatory business behavior. Here are the updates: 

Rochester Air Center/Metronetworks continue their daily aerial assault despite a cease and desist letter in January. Unnecessarily, knowingly, wantonly, and willingly perpetrating injury on the disabled is a not a business practice any ethical business would want to engage in. However, these businesses have not only continued their assault, but have stepped up its frequency (documented, of course). Their parent company, Westwood One, has been contacted in writing 5 times since the beginning of February (2/6, 2/12, 2/16, 2/22, 3/2) – however, David Hillman, SVP/General Counsel and Peter Kosann, CEO, have refused to respond. Joel Hollander, CEO of Infinity Broadcasting Corporation (CBS), parent company of Westwood One, was contacted in writing (with supporting documents) on 3/1. His response is pending. 

Hospital access: still none for the MCS-disabled in Rochester, NY. Joel Seligman, president of the University of Rochester (Strong Hospital) was contacted in writing about this illegal situation on 2/20 and again on 3/3. He has not responded. 

The NYS hospital complaint hotline (800 804-5447) has advised the MCS Advocacy Fund Executive Director upon specific inquiry that, although they take patient treatment complaints, they will not address the maltreatment/lack of treatment of the MCS-disabled.