Spring 2007

To open, a quotation from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the State.” …as applicable to this country now as it was to the country he described then…

In this report I have added actual letters and video footage to support my narrative. By their own admission, the top administrators at both the University of Rochester and its charge, the Strong Hospital system, violate ADA law by 1) refusing to recognize MCS as an illness protected by ADA law 2) refusing to provide lawful hospital access for the MCS-disabled. I have carefully chosen the word “refused” instead of “failed” because failing connotes a lack of information and refusal connotes choosing to ignore all pertinent information. All Rochester area hospitals have intentionally chosen to deny access to the MCS-disabled. Their attitude reflects this country’s amoral Zeitgeist.

Back to the Rochester Air Center and Metronetworks. After 18 months of lies to me and to the FAA, their assault continues. On April 18th, another FAA /FSDO employee, Guido Hassig, promised to look into the matter. “Give me a couple days”, he told me. Well, after “a few weeks”, including a follow-up phone call on May 4th, no help and no response. Don’t forget, these government employees are OUR paid employees! I hope they derive great pleasure from their accepting salaries for ignoring and lying to the people they are contracted to serve. As for the Rochester Air Center/Metronetworks and their lies and vengeful assault on the disabled, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Shame on you! I suppose there is always hope for mean-spirited, deceptive, and dishonest people to change their ways. (even the descriptive adjectives I use can be substantiated!) The video footage clearly shows the planes flying directly over a disabled, housebound person’s house. RAC/Metronetworks/FAA have stated on the record that planes do not fly over this house.

Rochester, NY – a place to avoid – but perhaps no more so than most US communities. If there are any caring communities left in this country, I’d like to hear from them.

Update from May 9th: In response to seeing CBS’s new “Value Diversity” TV ad, I have faxed a letter to Ms. Josie Thomas, SVP/Diversity at CBS alerting her to her company’s assault of the disabled in Rochester, NY (wantonly injuring a housebound, disabled woman by unnecessarily buzzing her property every 6-10 minutes for up to 5 hours a day). I have informed her that her response will be featured in this column.



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