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October 2015

Unbelievable. No - typical. Rochester, NY is a perfect microcosm of society in this country - especially of its so-called leaders: dumbed down, unprofessional, cowardly, incapable of grasping and assimilating simple logical thought, incapable of prudent forethought and of recognizing, admitting, and rectifying its mistakes. You’ve heard of and likely experienced NIMBY (not in my back yard). Well, here’s  a new acronym which well describes how Rochester government treats its tax-paying citizens: THWYBY (the hell with your back yard) - and while we’re at it, the hell with you!

In June, 2014, I sold my medically-modified house of 14 years and moved across town into my previous address - a double house where I had lived for 6 years before purchasing a house in 2000. I say this because I was intimately familiar with the house and the neighborhood and it is the only house besides mine that I could even enter. It was a risk as I now have no emergency overflow housing except the car - which was itself contaminated last March by a certain Honda dealer in Rochester who decided to ignore my directions of no lubricants/aerosols while performing routine maintenance. Naturally, because of the mandatory restrictions of MCS, I thoroughly investigated any pending changes to the new (old) neighborhood before making the irreversible decision to sell my house and move in again. One item I checked was the City of Rochester's Web site page about pending street construction. Nothing there.

Lo and behold as soon as I moved in there was a flyer in the door about installing speed humps on the street. It gave contact information for anyone wishing to address the issue. Naturally, I took this opportunity as this project and its ramifications would ruin my physical health and professional work.

I was told that a half-decade-old petition for speed humps was now being implemented. I advised that the reasons for this petition were now obsolete and, since this is a mostly rental neighborhood, most of the people initiating the petition were long gone. I asked who had signed it. No response. I asked who had ever been injured or killed by speeders on this street. No response. I asked if speeders had ever been ticketed. No response. I asked why, if these alleged petitioners had such concern for their alleged children, they can’t responsibly monitor their children instead of subjecting residents to known health hazards by carrying out this project. No response.

I offered scientific substantiation regarding the deleterious health effects of increased noise and air pollution from vehicles slowing/stopping and then revving up again. Not interested. I asked for an updated survey of people wanting this construction. Not interested. I asked for lower-impact preliminary steps. Not interested (thus the focus was not on safety, but on appeasement and easiest course of action).

I was told that the nearest speed hump to my residence would be 100’. When it was marked for installation and was not at that distance, I was told they never said that. When they scheduled a neighborhood meeting (supposedly for input - but actually only to justify their railroading the project through) they scheduled the meeting in a non-ADA-access-compliant location - when I called them on it they said it was too late to change and that no location could accommodate my disability. I told them that they needed to plan better and that ADA accessibility extends to all disabilities - that they may not choose which ones and may not exclude the disabled from city business participation and that they would have to find a suitable location. They refused.

I was told that a written statement from me would be presented in the meeting. It was not! The MCS-disabled citizen has no input in Rochester city business/policy.

Most recently I have been trying to communicate with city employee, James McIntosh, as he took it upon himself to respond to my September inquiry which advised of the hazardous increase in noise/air pollution due to the speed humps.  When I tried to cut through his fluff answer (a rehash of last year’s business) and get specific answers to the matters at hand, he refused to answer - after 3 follow-up inquiries in a month, he still refuses to answer. Unprofessional. Cowardly. Apparently the city includes and condones not doing one’s job as part of an employee’s job description.

Blatant discrimination - THWYBY - superficial appeasement as city policy - lies - federal law violation - business as usual In Rochester, NY.

It’s election time, City of Rochester - can you temporarily feign interest in lawfulness? State funding is contingent upon following the rules. Best not to compromise that...