MCS (formerly MCS Advocacy Fund) was established to help those people disabled with MCS who, because of their illness and consequent unemployment, need physical and financial help for their very survival.

MCS, though no longer a not-for-profit organization, will disburse any monetary contributions received to those in need of help. The criterion used in selecting people who are in need of help is that they suffer from MCS.  
The criteria used in determining who will receive help are as follows:

1) Oral interview - usually over the telephone as MCS patients
cannot travel as a rule. Under the right circumstances, the interview could be in person.
2) Medical history related to MCS - if under proper medical care, a physician's statement.
3) Work history including toxic exposures and subsequent unemployment.
4) Proof of Workers or Unemployment Compensation, insurance, disability insurance, and SSD claims - even if pending.
5) Financial statement including doctor bills, utility bills, bank and asset statements.

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