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The MCS Advocacy Fund was established to help those people
disabled from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) who, because of
their illness and consequent unemployment, need physical and
financial help for their very survival. Until now, no basic social
services have been available to MCS victims because of the severe
lifestyle restrictions specific to this illness. The MCS Advocacy Fund
will provide:

bullet.gif (655 bytes) physician location and payment assistance
bullet.gif (655 bytes) legal referral and payment assistance
bullet.gif (655 bytes) human services not currently available to MCS patients such as:
     non-toxic transportation; non-toxic housecleaning and in-home
     personal care services; shopping and clerical services; one-on-one
     patient advocates for hospitalized MCS patients; temporary and
     permanent safe housing location and placement
bullet.gif (655 bytes) emergency funds

MCS Advocacy projects currently in progress:

bullet.gif (655 bytes) working with area hospitals to develop MCS-specific hospital protocols
bullet.gif (655 bytes) establishing a state-wide (New York) registry of MCS patients with
   the cooperation of M.D.'s who treat MCS
bullet.gif (655 bytes) working with New York State elected officials to establish fundamental
   protections for this rapidly-expanding segment of the population
bullet.gif (655 bytes) MCS awareness and education campaign for schools, employers,
   medical personnel, and the general public
bullet.gif (655 bytes) working with local and regional police to establish MCS-specific
   traffic-stop protocol
bullet.gif (655 bytes) working with ADA officials on MCS-specific accessibility issues


Your tax-deductible contribution will enable the MCS Advocacy Fund
to locate and assist those in need.

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Rochester, NY MCS Barometer

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MCS Advocacy Fund Director
MCS Advocacy Fund President

The MCS Advocacy Fund does not dispense medical advice; therefore, the information on this site should not be interpreted as such.  This is an informational site which includes facts and opinions from published and original sources.