MCS is an immune-system disease which most typically affects the lungs, nervous system, digestive tract, and brain. It is caused by hypersensitivity to low-level exposures to chemicals and is precipitated by a single massive exposure or long-term low-level exposure to chemicals encountered in the workplace or at home. MCS can be substantiated by reliable and reproducible laboratory tests and there are M.D.'s in the field of environmental medicine who are trained to recognize and treat it. MCS is a disability recognized by the ADA and the Social Security Administration.

Why was the MCS Advocacy Fund founded?

MCS lies outside the realm of current medical knowledge. As with any misunderstood illness, the victims are considered outcasts and are rejected not only by the medical profession, but also by those who administer basic social services. We are, for all practical purposes, housebound – we cannot work, go to the store, ride a bus, go to church, go to school, or find housing. There are no services in the community for us. The doctors who can treat us are usually not local and usually do not accept health insurance – if we are fortunate enough to have insurance. And because disability insurers, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and employers can still get away with it, our claims are rejected – even with proper medical documentation. So we are left without any income. Even taking advantage of emergency housing or food banks is life-threatening for us because our physical needs are so specific.

So there is a desperate need for the support services we are trying to put into place. We need media and internet exposure in order to locate MCS patients as they are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and housebound. Those who are able to watch television,  read a newspaper, or access the internet will be able to contact us.

We are hoping for community support as MCS is a cruel disease and, with the introduction of more and more dangerous chemicals yearly, many more people will eventually be afflicted.

What is MCS?