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MCS was established to provide help to the MCS-disabled community through the follwing consultation services:

MCS bases its services on 30 years’ experience working with agencies, attorneys, doctors, and hundreds of MCS patients.


MCS has a long-standing reputation for thoroughness and tenacity in its work and has achieved success at the personal, local, regional, state, and federal levels for MCS clients from all over the country. Through the director's 2011 book, Which Poison Will Change Your Life?, MCS is also internationally recognized by prominent MCS physicians.

Consultation is tailored to the MCS client's needs and goals and is conducted via verbal and/or written format based on the client's preference and physical capability. Billing is by the hour and consultation rates, details, and expectations are confirmed in writing prior to the execution of the work.


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While MCS fully understands the frustration, panic, and desperation which can accompany MCS and its lifestyle changes, we also recognize that these emotions CAN be mitigated as MCSers work towards improvement and a more stable daily existence. Therefore, we do require all communication to be civil and respectful and telephone appointments to be kept punctually. If you are currently incapable of acceptable behavior, please have an advocate contact us on your behalf.

MCS does not dispense medical advice; therefore, the information on this site should not be interpreted as such.  This is an informational site which includes facts and opinions from published and original sources.